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Day: January 14, 2020

New Home

Well a new chapter of our life has begun! We got the keys to our new home yesterday. It’s a pretty surreal feeling. I don’t think I’ve stopped to just

What do I have to give?

What do I have to share?? A question I woke up asking myself. A few months ago a mother contacted me and asked if I would be open to talking

Bronxton Alexander • Heart Stealer

Bronxton Alexander, A Mighty Man of God, entered this world on November 22nd 2013. He was more than anticipated by not only Jake and I but really our whole family

He told me I looked beautiful

Driving in the car and he said “Wow, you look beautiful today.” How did I get so lucky? Some of us hear this a lot and some of us don’t. 

I deserve babies too

Hanging out in the café Sunday morning before church, a lady about 10 years older than me walked up to me and said she just dropped her baby off in the nursery and

Some History

Let me first start with a little history. Before the babies, before the husband I was Megan Kellie Cuaderno, a little girl who was born in Monterey California. I was

Livin’ the Life in My Shoes

I was reflecting on my life today as the house was silent ((which can be rare around here)) and I was telling God I was ready for something new. Not