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Livin’ the Life in My Shoes

I was reflecting on my life today as the house was silent ((which can be rare around here)) and I was telling God I was ready for something new. Not like the new house we just moved into or the “new” baby that was asleep in his crib but something for me. I had no idea what but as I sat in the kitchen, Alyssa ((I’ll share more about who she is later because she’s too amazing for this short blog)) walked out to the kitchen and very randomly said “Megan, you should start a blog!” I don’t like writing… I don’t know what to say… I don’t think anyone will read it but hey it’s something for me so… Here goes my life from my “shoes”

ok yes, if you see my closet you’ll see I do wear shoes lol but on the most important occasions (( prom, my wedding day, when I had my kids)) I didn’t have shoes on. Why? Because I didn’t need to. For those who will read this and don’t know me personally I’ll share very briefly. I’m in a wheelchair. That’s it. Haha ok I’ll share more. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II I’m a fully dependent, independent woman who loves life. Feel free to ask me questions or google it 🙂 but I must say life from my view can be just like your everyday moms life … except completely different. I’m hoping to be able to share my pretty rad life with… well,the whole world I guess.

you probably won’t see many pictures of me but I’m hoping you’ll get to see the world through my eyes, my beautiful babies, my handsome husband, my amazing friends, my faithful God, the daily life of weak hands but strong wills and who knows what else will make the list