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Let me first start with a little history. Before the babies, before the husband I was Megan Kellie Cuaderno, a little girl who was born in Monterey California. I was born into an awesome family that took life as it came, did it with fun and God in the center. Life evolves as we all get older, but I can tell you I had an amazing childhood. I am 1 of 4 siblings. I truly believe many factors in life help shape the uniqueness of each person. You want to know me? Know my family. I have an awesome older brother Ryan, who can be quiet if you don’t know him, who’s smart and amazing at EVERYTHING he does. He has grown into an amazing man of God who, though I don’t get to too often, genuinely love spending time with. As a kid I remember him being your typical bigger brother. He loved and cared for me, but I think there were some things in life that were different for us because I couldn’t play catch with him, or jump in the lake with him but I still knew he loved me. I love watching home videos ((my dad recorded us a lot)) and seeing him play so sweetly with me. I know Ry has had to swallow the reality about our life, that he is the only one out of the 4 of us who isn’t affected by our disease, but I PRAY that he never feels guilty, never questions why only him and never wishes he could change his life, but instead just keeps being the awesomely cool brother he is. There’s my Austin Boy. Ok he’s 22 but I remember Austin as a baby like it was yesterday. He was my baby. I brought him into my preschools Show and Tell because he was what I wanted to share with my little world. Austin too has SMA II. He is probably the most brilliant man I know. He is almost done with college and will be a doctor someday I’m sure. Even though he’s my little brother, we experience a lot of life changes together, getting new wheelchairs, meeting new Drs, back surgeries, figuring out tricks to pick things up with kitchen utensils haha. Austin is quiet and extremely witty. I’m the more outgoing and vocal one, but what people don’t often notice is Austin is more independent than I am. He helps me more than others realize. Aust you’re still my pride and joy and I’m proud of you. And of course, my sister Kaitlyn. Oh, if you know Kaitlyn you know she is beautiful, fun, feisty, loud and loves my babies more than anything but let me share Kaitlyn as a baby. She came out on a mission. She was ((and still is)) a determined little girl. My mom always said if she was the first born, she would be an only child. Kaitlyn and I shared a room from when she was born until I was in high school. I remember when she was a little one she figured out how to climb out of her crib, pick out her clothes, open the door and walk out. I can assure you she didn’t learn that from me haha ((as I lay in my bed watching the whole thing trying to convince her to go back to bed)) Kaitlyn has never been diagnosed with SMA but she has some weakness that prevents her from some things. She isn’t in a wheelchair and I pray and believe she never will be. Growing up we didn’t totally get along, but as we have become adults she’s one of my best friends. We are very different but very similar. My parents, Ken and Kathy, are beautiful, crazy people. Imagine being them, raising a young family. 2 of out your 4 children never walked. Your youngest showing signs. How heartbreaking. But I can tell you they have never shown the heartbreak. You know what they show daily? That life, though it can be hectic, is fun and beautiful and God is still good. Growing up, my parents did everything with us. I mean EVERYTHING. Even things I begged my mom not to make me do like snow ski or ride our jet ski, but always thanked her later because it was a blast. People wonder why they don’t see my chair? Why I’m so “normal”? Why my life is great? It’s because of their attitudes and love of life. The Cuaderno household was full of life, obstacles, loud people, and lots of stories. These people have helped shape who I am today.