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That one friend…

In your life time everyone needs to find “That one friend”

That one friend who lets you show up at his house in the middle of the night just to talk. That one friend who doesn’t judge you for being crazy. That one friend who stands by your side on your wedding day and tells you you are making the best choice in your life to marry “her”. That one friend who you can do ridiculously crazy stuff with but still know you’re safe. That one friend who sits in the hospital room and tells you everything’s going to be ok with your baby boy and you believe him. That one friend who tackles your wife’s crazy DIY projects because you aren’t handy. That one friend you join a cover band with, stick around for a while then both quit on the same day. That one friend who you go on family vacations with. That one friend you can be on worship team with for 10 years and still love playing with every Sunday. That one friend who teaches you important life skills like how to pop the bottom off a glass bottle with your bare hands. That one friend who goes to your house when you’re at work and helps your wife fix her water heater, or garbage disposal, or light fixtures, or toilet, (really this list goes on and on and on) That one friend who drives your 26 foot moving truck across the country with you. That one friend who takes time off work to help you build ramps for your wife in your new home. That one friend who truly is like a brother. 

Eli thank you for being that friend to Jake.

As his wife I can honestly say I don’t know how we would have made it through the past 8 years without your friendship. You have been what Jake, and often time what I, needed in some of our toughest times in life. You are constant and a true friend. You have been such a place of safety and wisdom, comfort and fun. You are an amazing man and an incredible friend. I pray that even the 1500 mile distance won’t change what you are to Jake and I. My heart hurts thinking you aren’t just around the corner anymore but I pray God will allow us and our families to live life together again

I asked Jake today what you’ve taught him in life. I thought he would have funny answers but here is what he said.

Eli has taught me…”The big dog doesn’t have to bark”, “Not to be scared and to take on new challenges”, “Life is supposed to be fun”, “Silent is strong”, “Be honest, it’s ok”, “How to be awesome and not have an ego”, “Help people as much as you can”, “Laugh”

As I sat (and cried) and read his answers I realized all these characteristics are how I would describe Jake. So thank you. Because you have helped shape Jake into the amazing man he is today.

We love you Eli