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Vision Boards + Going on Tour

It’s December 2, 2022 and the 2nd day of Jake’s tour with Point of Grace and Mark Schultz. If you would’ve asked us five years ago or even last year if he would be going on tour he would simply have said “gosh I hope so, that would be a dream.” And to see it a reality is really something special. 

God‘s timing is so funny. 

Last night Shai climbed into the back of our closet and pulled out our vision board from the beginning of this year. This board (see picture) is filled with the sticky notes from January of 2022.  We propped it up in our bathroom, and sat and read every single note. 

The board is filled with 2 different colors notes. 1 color represents things we were thankful for and things we had accomplished. Things we saw God do in our life whether it be big moves or small wins. Things like build our family or move to Tennessee. Things like help Bronx learn to walk or have X amount of money in our savings. And the other color are things we’re praying and hoping for. We allowed our self to dream and make big plans, we worked hard at our goals but a lot of them were things that were completely out of our control and seemed somewhat impossible and had to be doors opened by God. One of the things we saw on the board was “go on tour with a known artist.”

The funny thing about it is Jake didn’t grow up singing Christian songs when he was a young kid so to be honest he didn’t know who Point of Grace was at first. But I did!!!

Who remembers their jam 🎶Keep the candle burnin’ keep the candle buuuuurnin’🎶 ?!?!?!

So when I found out who he was going to be touring with I was thrilled! Just another little encouragement to my own heart because when Jake hits the road it’s not the easiest on our family but it sure is the most rewarding to see God take dreams we’ve  written down on sticky notes and make them a reality. Sometimes it’s hard to even recognize that you’ve hit these milestones because the journey along the way can often feel bigger than that one thing you wrote down.

We hope this isn’t the end but just the beginning of a big chapter for our family. I hope that Jake absorbs it all as he’s on that tour bus. I hope he truly sees it as a blessing from God and that God opened the right doors at the right time. 

My favorite part of the evening before we said our goodbyes was when we sat and read all the notes and Shai said “ I never saw this board, I didn’t  know that we were hoping and dreaming for some of those things and I can’t wait to see them happen.” 

I hope that we can teach our children that when you have a dream, pray about it, work hard towards it and fully trust it into Gods hands it’ll be an amazing journey.