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What do I have to give?

What do I have to share?? A question I woke up asking myself.

A few months ago a mother contacted me and asked if I would be open to talking with her 14 year old daughter about life. Sharing some of my story with her to encourage her and mentor her. What do I have to share??? At first I didn’t think I had much to give but, I know God has used my life story to share his goodness before, so I said yes. 

Today I had the privilege of opening my home to a few young girls, 14 and younger. All four of us girls were very different. Different personalities, different families, different dreams and goals but we did have one thing in common. All 4 of us girls have spinal muscular atrophy. A disease that many people say we “suffer” from but my hearts desire was to share with these girls that I don’t suffer but I thrive. As a woman. Not as a disabled person. 

I don’t usually identify myself as “handicap” or “disabled” but yes, I’m not ignorant to the fact that I am those things however, I’ve never let them define who I am. As I sat and listened to these girls, they talked about the normal things; shopping, boys, over protective parents, but we also talked about things most 14 year olds don’t talk about like the new treatment for SMA, toileting techniques and even fears about the future with this disease we have. 

I realized I did have something to share. As we sat for a few hours without their parents and then later with their moms and siblings I realized what it was. 

ANYTHING is possible, it may just need to be done a little different for us. 
be YOU, even if it doesn’t please everyone 
don’t be SCARED of the future, just take one day at a time 
ALWAYS be willing to share your life story, it could change someone else’s perspective on life.